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12 September 2020 @ 05:54 pm
Welcome to my journal of words and stories.

If I already know you from around the traps, you have but to speak the word and I will add you here.

If I don't know you, all sorts of excessive screening processes may precede your admission to the friends list. But we'll try not to hurt you too much.

(And if you are still here from the days when this was a photography journal, feel free to re-introduce yourself or unfriend at will).
This idea is completely stolen from the fabulous geniusness of ransomedsea . Ask the characters of Spam: The Novel a question or two -- and they will answer you in their own unique and darling voices!

(this is good in two ways: it helps me get inside the characters' minds, and plus you get to help write the story. See? Win-win!)

P.S. Until I have everything transferred over here, you can read other Spam: The Novel updates here.

Poll #1270373 The Ask-A-Spam-Character-A-Question Poll

Ask Pipkin Stellhorn a question or two:

Ask Cearley Kyzar a question or two:

Ask Ransom a question or two:

Ask Laclaire Farland a question or two: